Invited speakers

W. B. Doriese, NIST Boulder, USA: High-efficiency X-ray-emission spectroscopy with arrays of transition-edge-sensor microcalorimeters

P. Glatzel, ESRF Grenoble, France: In-vacuum tender X-ray emission spectrometer with eleven cylindrically bent Johansson crystal analyzers

S. Huotari, University of Helsinki, Finland: X-ray Raman spectroscopy

Y. Kayser, PTB Berlin, Germany: Grazing X-ray fluorescence techniques applied to nanometer-scale characterization applications

F. Lucarelli, INFN Florence, Italy: 25 years of aerosol studies by PIXE and complementary techniques at LABEC

M. Manso, University of Lisbon, Portugal: Contribution of X-ray fluorescence spectrometry in graphical documents characterization

F. Salvat, University of Barcelona, Spain: Physics interaction models and applications of PENELOPE in XRS and EPMA

G. Seidler, University of Washington, USA: Benchtop Analytical XAFS and XES: Applications from Sulfur to Uranium

J. Szlachetko, Institute of Nuclear Physics PAN, Krakow, Poland: Off-resonant X-ray spectroscopy: from synchrotron to Xray Free Electron Laser science

P. Van Espen, University of Antwerp, Belgium: Evaluation of large x-ray spectral datasets from macro-scanning XRF

G. Vanko, Wigner Research Centre for Physics, Budapest, Hungary: X-ray spectroscopy at extreme low and high brilliance

K. Vogel-Mikuš, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia: X-ray spectrometry in plant biology

H. Yoneda, Institute for Laser Science & RIKEN Spring-8, Japan: New type of hard x-ray lasers pumped by X-FEL